Wine side! 

Obviously we honor the Mâconnais-Beaujolais with small producers. Or you might prefer an old wine from Eric's "Private Collection", who want to share with you a part of his knowledge.

In order to make you discover new bottles, new taste, but mostly new passionate wine makers, we want to share with you our wine selection. You will find in this one our passion; each bottles has been selected with love! You can also find a small part of Italy, always selected with the same sensibilities.

We would like to put forward a viticulture respecting our Earth and our Nature, without forgetting the taste of its grappe juice.

Every wine tasting was an experience, an exchange, a discover, a friendship but also story. 

Thank you to each of them!! 

Domaine Antoine Olivier
Domaine Theulot Juillot
Domaine David Lefort
Domaine Mouton  
Cèline et Laurent Tripoz
Domaine Roger Lassarat
Domaine Barraud
Château des Rontets
Domaine Nicolas Maillet
Domaine Couteaux des Margots
Domaine des Gandines
Domaine des Bret Brother https://www.bretbrother.comDomaine Denogent Saumaize Michelin
Domaine Mee Godard
Domaine Bertrand