In order to work only with fresh and local products, we propose you a small and ephemeral menu which will change every month depending of the season. .

Lunch menu
(from Monday to Friday)

Starter/main or Main/dessert : 19,00€

Starter/Main/Dessert : 25,00 €



Starter/Main/Dessert : 38,00 €

Starter/Main/Cheese/Dessert : 43,00 €

 It’s up to you to make your ideal menu!


Menu « Pat(t)es du Chef »

Starter/Main/Dessert: 42,00 €
Starter/ Main/ Cheese/ Dessert: 48€

Let you guide by Davide!


Menu « Petit Gourmets »


 For the futur Gourmet who accompany, do not hesitate to ask us, in order to answer the best at their desire .


You might find some preparation with allergen, do not hesitate to communicate your allergies.


Burgundy Snails,

Garlic mousse,

Crunchy Parmigiano

14,00 €


Homemade Pasta,

Roasted Asparagus,

Somked Trout


Sheep's creamy pie

Vegetables Pickles, 
Pistachio Oil

12,00 €

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Main Course


Ossobuco della Nonna,

Red Oignon stuffed,


23,00 €

  Daily Fish,

Roasted Fennel,

Smoked Pepper juice

24,00 €


Local summer Garden


20,00 €



Soft cheese with Etrez's Cream / sugar / marmelade

4,00 €


Plate of refined Cheese

Here and there


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Fresh Fruits in a Black Lemon sirop,

Peach sorbet

9,00 € 

Sablé Breton with Maldon salt,

Fresh menthol Strawberries,
Lemon sorbet

9,00 €

Yogurt mousse,

Cherries marinated in Lemon Balm

9,00 € 

As a tree can not grow up without roots, we could not propose you our courses, without thinking where are we 

 coming from

Thank to every Chef who help me in the cuisine and in the spirit, thank to "God" who always made me 

surviving from a cuisine and finally,

grazie Mamma e grazie Nonna.